Many people think primarily of climate and environment when they hear the word sustainability. We at Vivalicious thinks the concept includes three aspects that we as a business needs to take into account in all decisions we make and in the development, we pursue:

1. the social aspect.
2. the economic aspect.
3. climate & environmental aspect.


The human dimension. Vivalicious takes it seriously how we as a business affect everyone around us. It is, among other things, about how our employees feel, but also about how everyone in a fair, honest, equal and equal way should be able to share in the earth's resources. Respecting human rights. Also how do we act with kindness, compassion and love to one and another and create a workplace where people can blossom and not compete with each other.

Strong teams are built on transparency and for that reason staff never gossip or talk bad behind others back. How can we all be in our higher purpose. What can we do to contribute to a better community and world are questions that are our main goal and core values as a business.


The household dimension - not to consume capital without deducting the return. It is about acting long-term and not focusing on maximizing income in the short term. How can Vivalicious make a difference as a business to counteract poverty and how do we stay within the ecological framework.  


This is the basis of everything and can be said to be our life insurance. It is about working in such a way so that we have functioning ecosystem services that provide us with clean air, clean water, filtration of UV rays, insects that pollinate the plants and so on.