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Vegan friendly 100% organic with added vegan omega-3, oats, fruits and Vitamin-C

We believe it is important to keep our products as nutritious and clean as possible. For that reason, we only use natural ingredients sourced from mother earth.

Packed with goodness, and vegan omega-3

Our innovative fruit smoothies can be enjoyed by babies from the age of 6 months. Packaged in a convenient pouch, they are ideal for busy parents on the go! Working with doctors and researchers, we have maximized the nutritional value and health benefits, without compromising on taste. Packed with Vitamin C, natural fruits, oats and vegan Omega-3, your baby will love our delicious smoothies.

Added vegan Omega-3

No added sugar

Contains Vitamin C

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Our story

It all began when Viv lived in Australia. As a mum of 3, she struggled to feed her kids their daily intake of fruit and vegetables (they were fussy eaters!). Out of sheer frustration, she whipped up a tasty range of smoothies – they were an instant hit! She was inspired to share her passion and delicious creations with others, and so, Vivalicious was born!

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