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Vegan friendly and organic with added Omega-3, oats, fruit puree and Vitamin C

We believe it is important to keep our products as nutritious and clean as possible. For that reason, we only use natural ingredients sourced from mother earth.

Adding a vegan Omega-3 from an algae oil - the sustainable choice for future generations

Our innovative fruit smoothies can be enjoyed by babies from the age of 6 months. Packaged in a convenient pouch, our smoothies are a great snack option for busy parents on the go! Our smoothies contains Vitamin C, organic fruit puree, oats and vegan Omega-3. Even older kids love them as a school snack.

Added vegan Omega-3

No added sugar

Contains Vitamin C

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Our story

It all began when Viv lived in Australia. As a mum of 3, she struggled to feed her kids their daily intake of fruit and vegetables (they were fussy eaters!). Out of sheer frustration, she whipped up a tasty range of smoothies – they were an instant hit! She was inspired to share her passion and delicious creations with others, and so, Vivalicious was born!

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"Health and well-being podcast with Viv Trader"

This podcast is based on science, facts and knowledge. I am interviewing intresting people around the world on various topics within health and well-being. Each episode has a duration of maximum 40 min. My standard questions for all I interview are: 1) Who are you 2) What do you do and why? 3) What is your biggest fear? 4) How do you want to contribute to this world? Contact link is provided to everyone I interview via + a short presentation of each person. My podcast is available on apple podcast, Spotify etc. ENJOY x