Our Story

It all started when Viv lived in Australia. As a mum of 3 children she found herself struggling to feed her kids their daily fruit and vegetables as the kids were fussy eaters.

Viv has a long background as an entrepreneur in the food and service industry. One day out of frustration in 2012 Viv whipped up a tasty range of smoothies in her kitchen as her oldest son didn't like the texture of fresh fruit. This was a hit and he loved it. Overwhelmed by how much her children loved the creation, Viv was inspired to share the innovation with others. That is how we started our journey blending smoothies way before the smoothie revolution hit!

Speak to our founder Viv:

We at Vivalicious think we are environmental activists. The basis for our concept is, among other things, the depletion and destruction of the world's oceans, which is a huge and underestimated environmental problem. Today's large - scale trawling for fishmeal and fish oil causes not only depletion, but also destroyed coral reefs and marine habitats that cannot be restored. 

In normal cases, we humans get the vital omega-3 fats through fish and shellfish in the diet. But partly as a result of recent years' alarms about low omega-3 levels in farmed fish and warnings for environmental toxins in fatty fish, many now choose to get omega-3 through fish oil in capsules instead. Fish oil capsules can thus be replaced directly by algae oil - the marine omega-3 fats DHA and EPA found in microalgae are the same as those found in fatty fish. This is because it is from the microalgae in the sea that the fish get their omega-3. 

We want to create a future for our children with an increase in omega-3-enriched, functional foods, which can provide good health effects and increased performance. 

 I'm a real person, albeit a made up as a cartoon. I strongly believe that success is based on decency, honesty and being a hard-working company.

The motto you are what you eat is so true. When we eat for optimal health and well-being, we tend to feel so much better and this in turn makes us more loving, kind and compassionate people.

A small step closer to creating more peace, a better environment, health and well-being in the world. We want nature, animals and humans to be in harmony with each other.

Love Viv x

(the mum on the packaging)

and the founder of Vivalicious.


Love Viv x

(the mum on the packaging)
and the founder of Vivalicious.

Why did we create the Vivalicious concept for babies?

We want to create a better world and as children are our future we have decided to focus on them. Our ethically-sourced, sustainable products have been developed in consultation with nutritionists, doctors and leading-industry researchers. Omega-3 is an essential nutrition and is important for your baby’s brain development, vision and general health. The marine omega-3 fats DHA and EPA found in microalgae are the same as those found in fatty fish. Despite all the alarms about depletion, few have understood the seriousness of the situation of extinct fish stocks in the world's oceans. Overfishing is a global problem with many serious social, economic and environmental implications. There is also growing evidence that the increased volume of fishing activity worldwide is having a very serious effect on the health of the oceans. When commercially valuable species are overexploited, other species and habitat that share the same ecosystem are affected. In addition to harvesting large amounts of fish and seafood to sell, large-scale fishing operations catch and often unintentionally kill untargeted marine life, including juvenile fish, corals and other bottom-feeding organisms, sharks, whales, sea turtles, and birds. Killing these unintended species can have significant effects on marine ecosystems.

Plant based Omega-3

We are proud that we are leading the way of adding algae oil, a source of Omega-3 suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Humans just like fish can't produce its own Omega-3. The fish gets its Omega-3 from the algae it eats in the ocean. We cut out the fish and went straight to source i.e. the algae and therefore our Omega-3 can be consumed by vegetarians and vegans.

Omega-3 is super important for your baby's brain development, vision and overall health.

Natural fruit sugar

Did you know that sugar addiction in children is a growing concern world wide?

The growing sugar addiction is a global problem that starts with young children. We want to help combat this problem by producing healthier snack options with less sugar and more fiber.

All our smoothies include natural fruit sugar, so there's no need to add any more!

Packed with Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. It's involved in many body functions, including formation of collagen, absorption of iron, the proper functioning of the immune system, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth.

Sustainability and our future

Many people think primarily of climate and environment when they hear the word sustainability. We at Vivalicious think the concept includes three aspects that we as a business needs to take into account in all decisions we make and in the development, we pursue:

Climate & Environmental

Our social responsibility

The human dimension. Vivalicious takes it seriously how we as a business affect everyone around us. It is, among othr things, about how our employees feel, but also about how everyone in a fair, honest, equal and equal way should be able to share in the earth's resources. Respecting human rights. Also how do we act with kindness, compassion and love to one another and create a workplace where people can blossom and not compete with each other.

Our economic responsibility

The household dimension - not to consume capital without deducting the return. It is about acting long-term and not focusing on maximizing income in the short term. How can Vivalicious make a difference as a business to counteract poverty and how do we stay within the ecological framework.

Our climate & environmental responsibility

This is the basis of everything and can be said to be our life insurance. It is about working in such a way so that we have a functioning ecosystem that provides us with clean air, clean water, filtration of UV rays, insects that pollinate plants and so on.